Why no gold iPad Air or iPad mini? Apple thought it 'just didn't look good'

Why no gold iPad Air or iPad mini? Apple thought it 'just didn't look good'Nearly a week after Apple's autumn iPad event, and aside from the name of the star attraction (the iPad Air) being a complete surprise, the pre-event predictions were largely spot on.

One thing that didn't materialise, however, was either of Apple's new iPads being available in the gold shade introduced by the iPhone 5S.

So what was the reason? Six days later we still don't know for certain. There were certainly enough leaks and hints ahead of time to suggest that the decision to ditch the gold came fairly late in the game.

And long-time Apple watcher John Gruber has suggested a simple enough reason on his Daring Fireball blog: the champagne/gold colour just didn't look good on the larger palette of the iPad's chassis.

“My understanding is that they [Apple} tried it, and it just didn’t look good bigger. It works on the iPhone because the iPhone is so much smaller – more like jewellery,” Gruber argues.

Without having seen a gold iPad prototype in the flesh it's hard to comment, but it does seem plausible that upsizing the canvas could lead to an effect that's less sparkling allure and more... beige box.

Are you disappointed Apple didn't deliver on those gold iPad rumours, or are you happy enough with the choice between space grey and silver?

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JanSt / MOD  Oct. 28, 2013 at 20:16


socialjeebus  Oct. 29, 2013 at 02:57


Seems the most realistic explanation.

I have to agree too.

I think the Gold 5S looks nice (prefer the black though) but the Mini probably would look a bit too Bling.

I''d prefer an all-black iPad myself (IF I were going to buy one!).

On a side note, a bit of insider info here, my brother-in-law (the LG Display one not the Samsung one) is still in Cupertino - despite, not speaking very good (ie terrible) English he was sent as the sacrificial lamb to 'discuss' the supply issues (I'm assuming the new iPad Mini Retina displays, not the iPad Mini displays).


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