How good is the 3 network?

I remember when 3 first launched they had terrible coverage, but are they better these days?

Most Useful Answer shuwaz  Apr. 15, 2011 at 01:59

I have a 3 PAYG sim in my spare phone. The coverage is probably better than t-mobile and orange in some of the areas I go to!

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kaylemwilkin  Apr. 14, 2011 at 23:22

crap well it depends where you live really in towns n citys its fine but in the county side yh thats where its crap

shuwaz  Apr. 15, 2011 at 01:59

I have a 3 PAYG sim in my spare phone. The coverage is probably better than t-mobile and orange in some of the areas I go to!

mrew42  Apr. 15, 2011 at 14:41

All depends where you live
Have a look here -> Three network coverage predictor
It did make me laugh when the TV ads were showing network coverage being super fast at the top of a rain soaked hill and I can't get a decent signal a 10 minute walk from Romford town centre :/

CTPAHHIK  Apr. 18, 2011 at 16:34

Three does not have 2G network. All their services run on 3G network in 2100 band. This results in good coverage in urban areas and bad coverage in rural areas.

2100 band will have faster speed and shorter range, while 900 band will be slow speed and good coverage.

JimmyUK124  Oct. 5, 2013 at 21:13

Watch out for the sales staff at Three. I am in the UK and the staff sold me a smartphone that did not have flash installed nor could it be installed. He used the BBCi Player to show me how good it was then I signed an 18 month contract. After about a month of tying to get the phone to work on the sites I wanted I gave up. i should have complained to Three and told them where to stuff their contract .

Sadly though I have to work my hide off so didn't have the time to sort it all out. To cut a long story short Three don't give a damn. I put the SIM in a tablet to see if it would work and they blocked it for 3G services to it was just texting and calls that I could use, all the while taking their Direct Debit I might add

I went to the shop and they said call customer services and CS said go back to the shop.....this happened three times. Then they blocked telphony and texting too!! Leving me with nothing whatsoever. No phone nothing.

If you do go with Three DO NOT BUY A PHONE FROM THEM, at best get a monthly SIM only contract and wait for other companies to take up the slack where Three sadly fail.

I am sickened by the shop staff's attitude and lack of product knowledge as well as the run around from Customer Services.

JanSt / MOD  Oct. 6, 2013 at 10:55

Jimmy, in fairness - I could bore you all to death with very very similar stories about every single Irish network. Vodafone prepay sims for iPads that, um, work, but cannot be topped up? Check. Three Android tabs on prepay,but no Three Sims for iPads? Check. (but, as in your case,the card is sold to you knowing you want it for an iPad... But in my case by CPW... At least I got a free replacement. But THREE wouldn't refund the disappeared top-up... THAT IS shoddy).
Woman who wanted an iPhone 4S for her son being told to get a Huawei Ascend G300 instead because "it has the exact same specs but a bigger screen"? Yep, Vodafone - fair and unbiased.

As to the iPlayer issue: well, there is a 'fragmentation' issue with Android. Hundreds and hundreds of unique models with different specs and different flavours of Android.
If you - or anyone - buys an Android device and a certain app is a MUST, you better try it in the shop!!!!! Not a Three-specific issue. Different matter of course if the Three staff said the product of your choice could run the iPlayer..

Here's the thing: would you walk into McDonalds and say: " Young server, do tell: I'm on beta blockers and Viagra for weekends - what is the best of your many sandwiches to compliment my heart condition?" ???
Yeah, yeah... different league, but still. There has been a trillion dollar budget at work for decades. Its purpose: to dumb down as many people as possible. Cause boy oh boy...nothing looks worse on a CV than actual knowledge and interest.

A friend of mine manages a CPW branch. Before the interview s/he crammed like crazy to learn everything about phones and OSs there is to know. During 2 interviews not one of the interviewers asked a single question about phones. It was all about contract packages, insurance bonuses and the vision of her-/himself within the company structure in 5 years.

JanSt / MOD  Oct. 6, 2013 at 11:05

@bobbo9 coverage is good where it'sgood and bad where it's bad - same goes for all networks. Try a Three sim in the places you frequent most often before you sign a contract.
2 networks here where I live give me f*ck all in terms of reception IN MY house. But if I walk to my drive way and stand on my car it's okay. Don't believe coverage maps and hearsay!!!!! The signal - in dodgy areas - can vary inside a room. My broadband dongle works perfect in exactly one spot in my house with an error margin of about the size of a postcard. Placed anywhere else,or blocked by, say, the wings of a tired moth and boom, I'm back in the stone ages.


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