What's a good app to track my Android phone if it gets lost?

Are there any free apps that'd let me track my Samsung Galaxy S if it gets lost?

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JanSt / MOD  Jun. 8, 2011 at 11:33

Lookout etc etc etc...
What you gotta realise though is this: for those apps to do their job, and to do it right, you need background sync, pushemail and gps on 24/7 (coz you don't know when you're gonna lose it, right). That means, for 'peace of mind' you'll trade the bit of battery life you have.
I personally would never rely on an app like that.
But hey... That's just me. I wouldn't fit a burglar alarm in my house to then leave the doors and windows wide open, while the central heating and aircon are bot on full blast ;)

Plus, plenty of crooks know the deal. They remove battery and sim before you can say, 'omg'.
Of course, it's still useful if you lose it vs having it stolen, and plenty of folks did indeed bet their devices back thanks to apps like that.
I'm just not someone relying on my phone to protect my phone.


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