Android activations hit 900,000 a day

Android activations hit 900,000 a day

With Android now holding upwards of a 50% market share in many leading markets around the globe, some analysts are suggesting that its growth has peaked and the next few years will actually see its grip soften somewhat.

But is that just wishful thinking? It may well be: Android head honcho Andy Rubin reckons activations are still running at a healthy 900,000 devices a day.

That isn't quite the sort of pace we saw for much of 2011, but it is up on the figure of 850,000 Rubin reported back at Mobile World Congress in February.

The Google senior mobile VP revealed the news via Twitter, and also took the opportunity to dismiss rumours that he was thinking of leaving Google.

With Android's  so far having struggled to match its stellar success in the smartphone arena with similar success on the tablet front, it's safe to say the vast majority of those 900,000 devices are phones.

But ominously for the likes of Apple and Microsoft, that also means there's still plenty of growth to be had if Android can finally find an iPad-killing formula on the bigger screen.

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JanSt / MOD  Jun. 11, 2012 at 09:38

So, ahem... there are now what? A billion Android devices? Is anyone keeping track?
Notice how those activation figures add up to about 300% of existing Android devices?
Does Google count every single time somebody enters a gmail address on an Android phone? In that case the XDA members alone probably account for 50% of those "activations" :p


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