Google airbrushes the so-called Nexus 8 tablet out of existence

Google airbrushes the so-called Nexus 8 tablet out of existence

Google has moved quickly to head off rumours it's working on an 8in Nexus 8 tablet by replacing the online image that kicked off the speculation in the first place.

A keen-eyed lookout spotted an unfamiliar-looking mid-size tablet in a photo on the Android website, leading to all sorts of rumours bouncing around the web trying to second-guess the Big G's tablet plans going forward.

However, go back for a double-take and you'll discover that the device in question has been replaced by a good 'ole school Nexus 7, conveniently occupying the same footprint but with a thicker bezel around a smaller screen.

It's obviously the same photo just with the front of the tablet doctored to look like a Nexus 7. And far from providing any answers, if anything Google's actions actually just raise more questions.

Is Google swapping out the pic in question because the Nexus 8 doesn't exist, or because it does? And if it is real, will it be the same overall size as the Nexus 7 but with a thinner bezel, or is it just a quick-fire copy and paste job stretched to fit the required dimensions?

Google certainly has form with this sort of thing. Both the Motorola Moto X and the Google Nexus 5 “accidentally” managed to find their way into otherwise innocent-looking photos ahead of their launch, so we can't rule out a Nexus 8 appearing at some stage in the future.

But with the latest Nexus 7 having just appeared itself, and rumours that sales so far have been on the low side, it's hard to see the logic in launching an all-new Nexus tablet that looks all but identical to the untrained eye.

Pic via PocketNow

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JanSt / MOD  Nov. 6, 2013 at 19:36

You're wrong. That other photo never existed. Never! Never!


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