Google Apps users to get Google+ soonish

Google Apps users to get Google+ soonishGoogle+ is still in invite-only testing, with the privileged few able to access the social networking thingy via the Android app or on the web.

We recently heard that the iOS app is awaiting approval and now Google+ project guy Christian Oestlien has confirmed that it’s coming (at some point) for Google Apps users.

Posting on Google+ (would that be a Goog? Or a Geeg?), Christian said: “Please tell your friends using Google Apps that we're working to make Google+ available to them. Sorry for the delay - we need to do it right!”

Google Apps is a business-oriented service, with features such as increased email storage capacity, and the ability to share documents and presentations online. More than three million businesses use Google Apps, including big names such as Virgin America, National Geographic and Jaguar.

Christian neglected to say when we might see Google+ for Google Apps. Not even a vague “coming soon”.

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ladjig  Jul. 11, 2011 at 21:40

Look wise it just another Orkut..nothing more...disappointed with the kind of look..


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