Google and China: friends again?

Google and China: friends again?Google claims an outage with its Android Market service in China was nothing more than a glitch, denying it was - as some mused - a deliberate attempt to block the services by the Chinese government.

A Google spokesman said, simply: "we identified a technical issue during a software update and have now fixed it." No cloak and dagger international intrigue, then.

Services had been down in major parts of the country including the capital Beijing plus Shenzen, Inner Mongolia, Heilongjiang Province and the Yunnan Province, causing a real headache for Google which powers millions of Android handsets in China.

Google and China have had their differences over recent years so it's not a massive surprise that many thought Beijing may have been interfering with the portal (the only way to access Android market on the Chinese version.)

Some put it down to Google's support for the Dalai Lama and his attempted trip to Africa for the birthday of Archbishop Desmond Tutu at the weekend (the visit didn't happen in the end due to visa issues, thought to have been caused by China pressuring the SA government).

The likes of and Gmail are already out of bounds in China. So even though this may have been a glitch, it may be a while before Google and China are full scale buddies again.


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