Google confirms it’ll address 2.5 year-old Android bug in ‘next major release’

Google confirms it’ll address 2.5 year-old Android bug in ‘next major release’Google welcomes – and indeed encourages – user feedback on Android issues, however minor, and they can be publically perused in the Android Bug Tracker thingy.

There’s good news for user godjonez, as the issue he reported back in April 29, 2010, will soon be addressed.

Two years seven months might seem like a heck of a long time to address an issue, but it’s not exactly major. Mind you, it was starred by a further 635 users.

In short, when initially reporting issue 8030, godjonez explained: “When connected on WiFi to a network which specifies a domain name, hostnames in that domain do not resolve without appending the domain to the hostname.” Bad times.

Fast-forward two-and-a-half years, and a member of the Google Android team finally comments: “The fix for this has gone in thanks to Kevin Tang. It will be available in the next major release.”

After a predictable “Wow, in record time” response from one user, the Google chap explains: "Guys, it was a matter of prioritization and resources.  We don't have people to put on every requested feature and we certainly were not idle during this time.  I apologize it took so long.

“I can't say what the next version will be (neither know it nor can discuss it) but it will be after 4.2, which has already gone out.”

And that’s the end of that. Or at least it will be when Key Lime Pie finally rolls around.

via: Android Police

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JanSt / MOD  Nov. 24, 2012 at 13:13

What is a 'wifi'?


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