Google Docs app comes to Android

Google Docs app comes to AndroidGiven how adverts for Android phones are always banging on about there being more than 150,000 apps in Android Market to choose from, you'd take it for granted that something as obvious as Google Docs would be one of them.

But surprisingly, it isn't – or at least, it wasn't. That's finally changed, and the mobile version of Google Docs even throws in a couple of special features just for phones.

Now before the complaints come streaming in, we know you've been able to access Google Docs on your Android phone for some time now, but there hasn't been an actual Google Docs Android app until now.

So what's the big deal? Well, aside from the standard opening and editing of documents that is pretty much the whole point of Google Docs anyway, Google has thrown in a nifty extra: the ability to capture text using your phone's camera and courtesy of some OCR fancy footwork have it instantly converted into editable text.

Not all fonts are supported, Google tells us, and scanning handwriting isn't really an option either, which is fair enough given that this is Google's first stab at this sort of thing. However, the Big G is promising further developments in due course, so don't bet on it staying that way for too long.

For more details, head over to the Google Mobile Blog.

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