Google Earth arrives for Android Honeycomb tablets

Google Earth arrives for Android Honeycomb tabletsMapping service Google Earth is one of the more impressive of Google's endless array of online services, and has been around for a good few years now.

So it's a bit of a no-brainer that the Mountain View firm has finally got around to releasing a version of the software for its Android Honeycomb platform, with a reworked interface and extra features aimed specifically at tablets.

The Honeycomb Google Earth app opens up 197 million square miles of our humble planet's surface for you to explore, and the tablet release supports fully textured 3D buildings.

Search tools, Google Places and associated Wikipedia content have been reconfigured for the large-screen touch interfaces, with content popping up on screen without obscuring your view of the current location.

“Moving from a mobile phone to a tablet was like going from a regular movie theatre to IMAX,” reads a post on the Google Mobile Blog. “We took advantage of the larger screen size, including features like content pop-ups appearing within Earth view, so you can see more information without switching back and forth between pages.”

Want to check it out for yourself? Then head over to the Android Market now for your free Google Earth download.

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