More 'Google Edition' rumours: vanilla Android HTC One announcement 'in the next two weeks'

More 'Google Edition' rumours: vanilla Android HTC One announcement 'in the next two weeks'HTC has denied it's working on a “Google Edition” of the HTC One. So obviously, it's a cast-iron certainty.

Not only that, but it'll be announced within the next couple of weeks, and will go on sale over the Summer. What does HTC know anyway?

Well, not as much as a certain Russell Holly of, the chap who'se dished up the aforementioned details. And maybe we should listen too, as it was the same Holly who revealed the existence of the Samsung Galaxy S4 Google Edition for the first time.

It's not Holly himself that's behind the claims, of course. That would be the work of our old friend “sources”, with the “sources” also reckoning that like the plain GS4, the vanilla Android HTC One would launch solely in the US initially – which suggests it'll be sold in the same way, namely via Google Play.

The announcement of the non-TouchWiz Google Edition of the Galaxy S4 at Google I/O was received favourably for the most part, leading to speculation that other Android manufacturers could follow suit.

And despite HTC quickly ruling out the HTC One from such treatment (there is already a Developer Edition of the One, after all) rumours of a Sense-less HTC flagship still sprung up anyway a couple of days back.

Based on the comments on that piece a few days ago, though, it seems that rather than release a Google Edition of the One, HTC should roll out its newly announced Japanese variant (the HTC J One) internationally, for the simple reason that it comes with a microSD card slot.

Come on HTC – if the Google Edition HTC One is real, couldn't you sneak an expansion slot on board too, just for us?

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JanSt / MOD  May. 24, 2013 at 16:27

No Blinkfeed! Excellent!!!

shuwaz  May. 24, 2013 at 23:05

This could be the push I need to buy one!


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