Google employee semi-confirms Android Key Lime Pie name

Google employee semi-confirms Android Key Lime Pie name

Considering how long we've been talking about it, it's a surprise to hear that at no point has Google actually confirmed that the K-release version of Android will be called Android Key Lime Pie.

Not that we think it'll be called anything else – especially now that a Google employee with an artistic touch has produced a fun drawing detailing all the versions of Android so far, finishing with our little green friend munching on a piece of Key Lime Pie.

It was created by Manu Cornet, and is titled (what else?) The Evolution of Android, paying homage as it does to the classic evolution of man-style depictions.

We're not saying for a second that this counts as official confirmation either, but it is some fairly good circumstantial evidence, especially since it's claiming exactly what we all believed anyway. There's no talk of version numbers or anything like that, so the Android 4.3/Android 5.0 debate can continue, though surely I'm not the only one at this point thinking “who cares”?

What the drawing does do well, however, is give a wider sense of just how far Android has come since the early days, and just how much water has passed under the mobile bridge. Five years is a long time in the technology world, but it's still no mean feat taking just half a decade to go from a twinkle in Eric Schmidt's eye to the dominant mobile platform the entire world over.

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