Google says Galaxy Nexus firmware update is on the way

Google says Galaxy Nexus firmware update is on the wayGiven the whole Samsung-Apple copycat thing, it's just a little ironic that the Samsung Galaxy Nexus has followed in the footsteps of the iPhone 4 and Antennagate by being plagued by issues of its own since going on sale last week.

But Google isn't taking the phantom volume control issue lying down, and says an update to fix the Android Ice Cream Sandwich poster child won't be long in coming.

The Galaxy Nexus was released specifically to showcase the talents of Android 4.0 ICS, but instead the headlines have all been about a glitch that sees the handset's volume level dropping seemingly at random, even during calls.

However, Google has been quick to acknowledge the issue (far quicker than Apple was in admitting the iPhone 4 antenna issue was real) and promises it's working on a firmware update.

“We are aware of the volume issue and have developed a fix. We will update devices as soon as possible,” the Big G told AndroidPolice.

It didn't go as far as revealing any details on what has been causing the issue, but it seems to have something to do with the handset getting its lines crossed when using the 900MHz 2G GSM band.

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