New Google hardware at I/O: don't be expecting much

New Google hardware at I/O: don't be expecting much

Google annual I/O event kicks off on Wednesday, and speculation has been rife as to just what the Big G has up its sleeve in terms of major product announcements.

But forgetting the Nexus 5, Google X Phone and Android Key Lime Pie – all of which have been tipped to launch this week – how about this instead: Google may just be announcing nothing.

That's nothing on the hardware front anyway, and no completely new version of Android either (not that we were really expecting that any more, anyway).

Google's new head Android Sundar Pichai gave the game away in a newly published interview with Wired, saying: “It’s going to be different. It’s not a time when we have much in the way of launches of new products or a new operating system.

“Both on Android and Chrome, we’re going to focus this I/O on all of the kinds of things we’re doing for developers, so that they can write better things. We will show how Google services are doing amazing things on top of these two platforms.”

Sounds good in theory, to be fair, and it's what you'd hope to hear from someone in Pichai's newly occupied position – even if it means no easy headlines emanating from this year's Google I/O.

That doesn't altogether rule out the most recent hardware-related Google I/O rumour, that we could see an upgraded Nexus 7 rolling out. After all, that wouldn't really qualify as a “launch of a new product”, would it?

Anyway, the Wired interview is well worth reading for Pichai's thoughts on all manner of subjects, from the future of Google-branded hardware to how the company views everything from Facebook Home, the Amazon Kindle Fire, Firefox OS and its larger-than-life lead Android manufacturer, Samsung.

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Stelph  May. 14, 2013 at 05:58

I'm sure an updated nexus 7 will come out, google have to be loving how popular that tablet was and really that and the nexus 4 are their only major products to combat the onward march of Samsung. A minor tweak so it has slimmer bezels like the ipad and it'd be an insta win


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