Does Google hate the dual-boot Windows/Android thing?

Does Google hate the dual-boot Windows/Android thing?For one reason or another, there’s been a lot of talk about dual-booting devices of late, specifically smartphones and tablets running both Android and Windows/Windows Phone.

Rumour has it Google isn’t too fond of the idea, with Asus in particular supposedly pressured into canning the TD300 tablet/laptop hybrid unveiled at CES 2014.

That’s the story over on, er, DigiTimes, which in turn credits, uhm, DigiTimes Research.

It’s proposed that dual-booting Windows/Android tablets are mostly to the benefit of Intel and Microsoft, Intel’s X86 being the only processor compatible with dual operating systems, and Microsoft getting much-needed exposure by piggybacking Android’s success. Meanwhile, there’s nothing much to gain for Google.

The DigiChaps write: “Due to pressure from Google, Asustek has postponed plans to release its TD300 tablet. Google is trying hard to avoid its OS being combined with Windows.”

Just this week, we were told that Indian smartphone manufacturer Karbonn had plans to release dual-booting smartphones with Android and Windows Phone.

Late last year, it was rumoured that Microsoft had approached HTC with a view to releasing dual-booting smartphones, perhaps with a reduced Windows Phone license fee.

Of course, this story could be nonsense, so let’s all take a nap on a bed of salt for now.

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