Google hints at big plans for newly acquired Motorola

Google hints at big plans for newly acquired MotorolaGoogle chairman Eric Schmidt has promised better times ahead for the company's newly acquired plaything Motorola, insisting Moto's hardware division won't be sold off as some have suggested.

The $12.5bn deal was finally concluded yesterday after months of bureaucratic red tape, and Schmidt said Google was excited at grabbing a slice of smartphone hardware action for the first time.

Speaking at Google's Big Tent conference yesterday, Schmidt brushed aside the notion that the acquisition was primarily about bolstering Google's patent library in its ongoing legal skirmishes against Apple.

“As you know, we announced [the deal] last August,” Schmidt said. “We wanted a stake in a hardware business. We closed this morning in Chicago – that's around right now, so we're going to meet with the staff.”

Google first announced the acquisition back in August, but has been largely quiet about its plans for the brand – a fact that hasn't exactly helped keep the speculation in check.

With the deal finally now done, however, Google seems happy to share some of its plans regarding the once-mighty mobile brand.

“We're going to announce the things we're going to do but for your purposes there will be more investment in Motorola devices under the Motorola brand and a lot more investment in Android.”

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