Google to hold Maps preview event ahead of WWDC

Google to hold Maps preview event ahead of WWDCIt seems if you're anybody worth anything these days, you hold your own launch events. Far from the days of CeBit and MWC, now the likes of Samsung have built product launches around dedicated launch days - and Google, it would appear, is about to follow that very Apple-esque example too.

This is because the search giant is apparently going to hold its own special event to show the world just how great it thinks the next iteration of Google Maps is, with a press event being held, we believe, this week on June 6th.

The press invitation doing the rounds typically doesn't give away the best bits but a few not-so-subtle hints, like new features which "will get people where they want to go - both physically and virtually."

The real thing worth noting here is the date: June 6th. That's just five days ahead of the Worldwide Developers Conference, where Apple is expected to unveil its own mapping service as one of the headline features of iOS 6.

Google Maps has been the default iOS mapping system right the way back to the very first iPhone in 2007, and it seems Google is determined to make sure iDevice owners know exactly what they'll be missing out on when iOS 6 touches down.

Watch this space.

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jaybear88  Jun. 5, 2012 at 16:35

Ooooo maybe some interesting Augmented Reality going on soon? About time someone came up with a practical application for it.


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