Google introduces Google+ project, new social networking thingy

Google introduces Google+ project, new social networking thingyGoogle has lifted the lid on its Google+ project, essentially a social networking thingy with an emphasis on groups of friends, instead of “wrapping everyone in “friend” paper”. In think they’re talking about you, Facebook and Twitter.

Unsurprisingly, Android is the first to receive the Google+ app treatment, though an iOS equivalent is “coming soon”. It’s also available on the mobile web in Apple-friendly HTML5, though the project is currently invite-only.

There are four main components that Google hopes will set Google+ apart from the likes of Facebook and Twitter. They are:

+Circles: create different groups of friends, and choose which to share information with. Google reckons having lots of “friends” on social networking sites can result in “stage fright”.

+Sparks: choose your interests and receive a feed of content from across the cyberweb, ensuring “you’ll always have something to watch, read and share—with just the right circle of friends”.

+Hangouts: encourages on-screen gatherings. Amusingly, Google notes that instant messaging can be “really awkward. When someone doesn't respond, you don't know if they’re just not there, or just not interested.”

+Mobile: includes +Location, location, location (use GPS to share your location in updates), +Instant Upload (er, upload photos) and +Huddle (group messaging).

You can read more here, on the Official Google Blog.

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JanSt / MOD  Jun. 29, 2011 at 18:52

Wow, I can't wait to sign up. While I'm waiting - who wants my house keys, my car, kidneys???
There's gotta be a clause in the ICC's codex that forbids putting Google and 'social' in one phrase? Oh shush...

Reser  Jun. 29, 2011 at 21:46

Looks like yet another future google flop. Just like Google Wave and Buzz. They really want a slice of this social networking pie but they really are useless at it.

retro41  Jul. 1, 2011 at 12:13

Loving the Huddle feature for Android


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