Google introduces Android Training for developers

Google introduces Android Training for developersIt’s no secret that the quality control on the Android Market is borderline shocking. Only this week we heard about malicious cloned games, and Motorola has blamed poorly optimised apps for handset returns.

Google is set to address at least some of those concerns, by offering Android Training – a collection of classes designed to help developers produce better apps. No arguments here.

The classes will explain how to create effective navigation, manage audio playback, and – this is a good one – optimise battery life.

Tim Bray of Android Developers writes: “We’re starting small and this is just the beginning for Android Training. Over the coming months we will be increasing the number of classes available, as well as introducing over-arching courses and sample apps to further help your development experience.

“Helping developers build great apps is what the Android Developer Relations team is all about, so we’re excited to see how you use these classes to make your apps even better.”

A whopping 500,000 apps have been published on the Android Market to date, but over 180,000 have been removed. There are still plenty of fart apps to go around though.

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