Google I/O 2013 to feature three-hour keynote

Google I/O 2013 to feature three-hour keynoteThere’s a ton of stuff going on at Google I/O this year, with various events detailing the future of the Mountain View portfolio, including YouTube and Chrome and Google+ and what have you.

But the main event appears to be a whopping three-hour keynote, and that’s where we’re expected to meet Google’s new stuff.

Top of the list is the new version of Android. Time was, we thought that’d be Key Lime Pie (Android 5.0), but it’s supposedly delayed, and recent evidence suggests we should instead prepare for another iteration of Jelly Bean, namely Android 4.3.

As for new Google hardware, the Motorola X-Phone, too, is thought to be delayed, which is a major disappointment considering the amount of hype we’ve been hearing over the past few months. Game changer, anyone?

The consolation prize is a 32GB Google Nexus 4 with LTE compatibility, and perhaps a Nexus 7 refresh with an HD display.

In any case, three hours seems like a heck of a long time to talk new stuff. Let’s just hope they’ve got tap-dancing children on standby to plug the gaps.

Google I/O opens its doors on May 15, which is crazy close now; just two weeks on Wednesday.

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