Google Now iOS battery drain claims ‘incorrect’, according to Googs

Google Now iOS battery drain claims ‘incorrect’, according to GoogsGoogle Now came to iOS earlier in the week, by way of an update to the App Store’s existing Google Search app. A quick swipe up with the new version, and you’re into Google Now territory, complete with the cards and what not.

The App Store description stresses that any impact on battery life will be “minimal”, even with Location Services enabled, and in response to claims that Google Now does in fact consume vital juice, Mountain View says: “Don’t be silly!" (or words to that effect).

Googs’ take on the whole Google Now iOS battery drain saga is revealed in a colossal statement sent to CNET. Behold:

“Reports that Google Now on iOS drains battery life are incorrect. We understand people's concern about seeing the Location Services icon stay on when they use Google Now.

“Many apps that keep the icon on actually do drain the phone's battery because they require very accurate location. (For example, some apps have to run your GPS all the time during navigation to keep you from missing your turn.)

“This update to the Google Search app is built very differently: it uses cell towers and wifi hot spots for much lower battery impact.

“We extensively tested Google Now on iOS for months and didn't see reports of significant battery impact -- we would encourage you to try it in the Google Search app for a few days and we don't expect you to see significant impact on your battery.

“If you are seeing a problem, please do tell us (just tap feedback in the app settings). We take user feedback very seriously.”

Tons more information can be found on, and there's even a little card thingy on the app. Google is really going out of its way to prove that it's not in the battery draining business.

Anyone here using the updated Google Search app with Google Now? Can’t say I’ve noticed any impact on battery life, personally, though I haven’t been paying a great deal of attention.

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JanSt / MOD  May. 5, 2013 at 11:16

I still don't know what it's good for, but good to know it's no drain :p


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