Google: vs the iPhone, it’s win-win

Google: vs the iPhone, it’s win-winGoogle’s Android might be rivals with Apple’s iOS on the smartphone operating system scene, but Google's Asia-Pacific president Daniel Alegre admits that the iPhone’s success has been hugely beneficial to the search engine mob.

Speaking to AdNews, Alegre said: “Whenever iPhone succeeds, Google succeeds.” That’s largely because the iPhone adopts Google as its default search engine, so iPhone users are a “very strong driver” of Google traffic.

In a semi-unrelated comment (Google wants the iPhone to succeed, but it doesn't want too much in terms of competition), Daniel warned: "We truly believe there has to be as few platforms as possible in order for apps developers to focus their development."

That’s something Nokia’s Stephen Elop said they had to consider when choosing which platform to back. Elop reckons developers can stretch to three different platforms, and clearly he’ll be hoping they’re Android, iOS and Windows Phone 7. Sorry, WhatBerry?

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JanSt / MOD  Apr. 18, 2011 at 14:32 analyst who talks sense.
Absolutely right. Google would profit if all Android devices released this year were big flopping stinkers. That's the beauty.
A few years ago Schmidt was touring Europe to consult EU govs... His conclusion: the politicians do not understand the web.
I believe the same is true for handset making corps. Google can take everyone for a ride. If the ride's too fast, people fall off. But not Google, cause they are the ride. Get used to it.
Division keeps the fanboys, lawyers and advertisers happy and's the wool pulled over our touchscreens.


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