Google issues mandatory ‘powered by Android’ guidelines, use them OR ELSE

Google issues mandatory ‘powered by Android’ guidelines, use them OR ELSEIf you’ve been lucky enough to power up a Samsung Galaxy S5 or HTC One (M8) in recent weeks, you might’ve noticed a crisp, clean ‘powered by Android’ logo popping up during the boot sequence.

Well, get used to it. Any future Android smartphones looking for Google’s stamp of approval will have to adopt the logo – and adhere to a strict set of accompanying guidelines. No logo, no Google Play.

That’s the word over on, which has had confirmation since the initial suggestion that we might be looking at a compulsory new feature.

Yep, "powered by Android" is here to stay. Here’s a list of things Google doesn’t want to see from manufacturers:

  • Do not use the Android Bootup logo without “powered by”
  • Do not change the spacing between characters
  • Do not change the proportion or aspect ratio of the logo
  • Only use approved colors for the logo
  • Do not crowd the logo. Use appropriate negative space
  • Do not scale the logo beyond the minimum size

Failure to comply, we’re told, means offending smartphones won’t receive the Google seal of approval, and ultimately won’t be able to offer Google Services including – arguably most importantly – access to the Google Play store.

To be fair, it does make sense from Google’s point of view. There must be literally millions of people out there who don't realise their smartphones are... "powered by Android".

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