Google to launch cloud-based music service today

Google to launch cloud-based music service todayGoogle’s I/O event gets underway today, and the Android owners are expected to officially launch their cloud-based music streaming service.

We’ve heard in recent months that Google has struggled to get the record labels on board, so it’ll go ahead regardless and offer a similar service to Amazon’s; essentially a digital storage locker.

Amazon’s service, which launched in March, allows users to buy songs. Google’s alternative won’t have that functionality, but it will offer the ability to automatically create playlists.

Google is also expected to have the edge in terms of capacity. Users of Amazon’s service can only store around 2,000 songs, while Google’s users will be able to store approximately 10 times that amount.

The service will launch an invite-only beta today, with the full service rolling out across the States within the next few weeks.

Apple looks to have the advantage in the world of cloud-based music as it stands. It’s the only company that has managed to secure support from record labels, which will allow the Californians to stream higher quality music.

via: All Things Digital

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agolding  May. 10, 2011 at 15:14

this will only work if they provide a great music application like zune is on windows phone, at present its pretty much non-existent, theres no pull over spotify for anyone.

georgiajonesx  May. 10, 2011 at 21:36

Well they have been watching Apples datacentres for the last 12-18 months, and in usual google style monkey see monkey do..


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