Google to launch Google Wallet today

Google to launch Google Wallet todayA leaked memo from an American retailer confirms that Google will launch a new NFC payment system, called Google Wallet, at an event later today.

The Container Store memo explains that Google will test the contactless payment service “this summer”, with a number of retailers to be confirmed on Thursday. Er, today.

The memo reads: “Technology just keeps on evolving and changing every day! And Google is at the forefront – this summer Google will launch a test of “contactless” payment through a mobile device – so customers will be able to just tap a special device and pay with their phone in stores at POS!”

I know a guy who once got into a lot of trouble for tapping his “special device” at point of sale.

The memo continues: “And this Thursday, Google will announce all of the innovative retailers who will be participating in their test – and guess who is on that list? You got it right! We are!”

Way to let the cat out of the bag, Container Store.

The Container Store says it won’t offer the service till September 1. It’s not clear if that’ll be the case with the other retailers, or if some might start a little sooner.

As The Container Store says: “Stay tuned for many more details”.

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