Google Maps’ Street View gets ‘biggest update ever’

Google Maps’ Street View gets ‘biggest update ever’As the controversy around Apple Maps grows with suggestions that Team Cupertino was told: “Don’t do it!” - several times over, Google’s trusty Maps service continues to go from strength to strength.

Street View (no stranger to controversy, right enough; personal data anyone?) has had a stonking great update.

A post over on Google’s Lat-Long Blog dishes the dirt on the “biggest Street View update ever”.

Primarily, we’ve got 250,000 miles of updated Street View road around the globe, encompassing Macau, Singapore, Sweden, the U.S., Thailand, Taiwan, Italy, Great Britain (yay), Denmark, Norway and Canada.

Google has also doubled the number of special locations, allowing you to “take a virtual stroll around some of the world’s beautiful places” without moving from your couch.

Mountain View seems particularly proud of Elsinore Castle (known locally as Kronborg) in Denmark, immortalised by Shakespeare’s Hamlet with "To be or not to be?" and what not. Feel free to crank up Google Maps and have a wander around.

I created a virtual tour of Glasgow’s Hunterian Museum for my third year project at uni. Look at me now! Ahem.

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