Google means business as Android prepares for enterprise assault

Google means business as Android prepares for enterprise assaultAndroid pretty much has the consumer market wrapped around its little green finger – with the Google OS having grabbed top spot in most of the markets that matter over the last few months.

But when it comes to the business market, Android is still very much a small fish, with traditional business favourite BlackBerry still enjoying plenty of support among enterprise types. But not for long, if Google has its way.

The Mountain View firm has just introduced a trio of new Android features designed to boost its appeal to the business community. For starters, a new version of the Google Apps Device Policy has been introduced, enabling employees to secure a lost Android blower by locating it on a map, ringing the device and resetting the PIN or password remotely via a new My Devices website.

Further enterprise security comes from a new control panel option for Apps admins to encrypt data stored on devices, including on Android 3.0 tablets.

Thirdly, the new Google Apps Lookup gives the option for users to easily sift through contact details of other colleagues working under the same system, to make getting in touch easier and more convenient.

Will that be enough to give Google the edge in the boardroom? Probably not – or not yet, anyway. But looking at how quickly the consumer market has tipped in Android's favour, we wouldn't be sitting too comfortably if we were RIM right now.

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androidarthur  Apr. 11, 2011 at 08:26

I wonder what tablets will be used for this purpose mainly. We have the iPad, of course, BlackBerry Playbook en there is the xoom tablet also as a good candidate...


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