Google Music to be part of Android Honeycomb

Google Music to be part of Android HoneycombGoogle really has it in for Apple, doesn't it? It's countered just about every move Steve Jobs and co have made in the mobile market, and now it's about to take on another Apple staple iTunes.

Among the many mobile highlights of Android Honeycomb – though one not mentioned at the tablet OS' grand unveiling a couple of weeks ago – is apparently a little nugget called Google Music.

How do we know? Because Motorola Mobility boss Sanjay Jha told us while talking up the Motorola Xoom tablet at Mobile World Congress. Let's not forget, this is the slate that was used on stage to announce Honeycomb's existence in the first place back in December, so it's safe to say Moto's in on the ground floor, as they say.

The news is a bit of a whopper, and we can't quite tell if Jha was deliberately trying to leak Google Music's existence or genuinely unaware of the bombshell he was dropping. “If you look at Google Mobile services today, there's a video service, there's a music service – that is, there will be a music service.”

Either way, in six words he's let the cat right out of the bag on a project we all knew was in development but had no fixed launch window for. We first heard of Google Music last year at Google I/O where the company showed it off in a demo

A week ago Billboard magazine published a list of Google execs said to be involved in the project, and the name-dropping goes all the way up to VP of engineering Andy Rubin, who's said to have negotiated personally with record companies.

One more reason to look forward to Honeycomb, then.

Via The Guardian

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