Google music plans stalled?

Google music plans stalled?Google has been planning a service to rival Apple’s iTunes for a year now, but there’s still no end in sight. With no official announcement from Google, it’s not clear how well those plans are going, and the rumour mill can’t seem to decide one way or the other.

Google reps were in New York last week to discuss their proposed service with record labels. Some suggest the talks went well, while others have implied that the negotiations have effectively stalled.

Peter Kafka from All Things Digital says: “Several label executives I’ve spoken to in recent days told me that they believed their negotiations were progressing smoothly and that they felt confident they would strike deals with Google soon.”

However, one source described the negotiations as “broken” and added: “There’s definitely a problem with the Google music conversations.” Another source suggests Google has gone back to the drawing board, saying: “They’ve gone backwards.”

Blogger Wayne Rosso says that “a source close to the negotiations” describes Google as “disgusted” with the record labels, to the point that they’re considering going down the Amazon route and launching a cloud-based service without label support.

Music is one area where iOS continues to beat Google’s Android hands down, though it doesn’t seem to have done the latter’s popularity much harm.

via: All Things Digital and Wayne's World

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killerhypemusic  May. 12, 2011 at 20:14

I think Google's jump at starting is kind of a wake up call for the record labels that they need to work with companies like Google or they're going to get left behind again. Just like with file sharing.


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