Google Music touches down, but remains mute in the UK

Google Music touches down, but remains mute in the UKGoogle has opened up yet another frontier in its multi-faceted consumer tech battle with Apple by officially launching its iTunes-bothering Google Music service.

We had been teased with the catchline “these go to 11” ahead of the grand unveiling at a special event in LA yesterday, but as expected Google has failed to even turn on the amp this side of the Atlantic, and hasn't said anything about when that might change.

It's hardly earth-shattering news for US users either, for that matter, as Google Music has been widely available in beta form for a fair while now.

As with iTunes, there's a desktop application for controlling your libraries and adding and managing tunes, with your tunes then able to be accessed via the cloud on your mobile device. Google has launched a dedicated Android music store boasting a library of 13 million tracks, which can be accessed either through an Android app or over the web.

At this point, Sony, Universal and EMI are all on board, but Warner remains the one big fish yet to dive into the Google Music pond.

All good, then – if you're in the States, that is. Us poor music-deprived Brits will just have to make do with humming our favourite tunes in our own heads for now.

Incidentally, as part of the usual “how amazing are we?” jaw-flapping that seems compulsory at these kind of events, Google's Jamie Rosenberg informed us that total Android activations have now gone past the 200 million mark, with 550,000 more being added every day.

Well, that's nice, isn't it?

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