Google Nexus 10 for £220?

Is the Google Nexus 10 for £220 a good buy? Are there any more attractive alternatives for roughly the same price?

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spruceyb  Apr. 17, 2014 at 16:45

10.1" 300dpi display tablets. Not many around at this price.

£110 more will get you a Galaxy Tab Pro 10.1 with Exynos Octacore from Expansys

£100 less you can get an ONDA v975M 9.7" Display from China/HK but usual importing caveats apply Import TAX, Warranty issues etc

Quite interestly ONDA are pre selling a V975i which will be the first 64 Bit Intel Bay Trail-T Z3735 Android Tablet.

Is there a specific reason you're looking at the Nexus 10? Screen size, resolution? Could you use a 8"-9" tablet?


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