New Google Nexus 10: £349.99 and made by Asus?

New Google Nexus 10: £349.99 and made by Asus?We’ve been jawing plenty about the Google Nexus 5 smartphone of late (Kit Kat, FCC, FCC again, October launch, left charging in a bar), but here we turn our attention to the new Google Nexus 10 tablet.

Word on the street (on twitter, more specifically) is that the new Google Nexus 10 will be built by Taiwanese manufacturer Asus, and that it’ll carry a price tag of £349.99.

We’re giving credit to twitter user @Rage06, who yells: “Confirmed! New Nexus 10 will be made by @ASUS and will retail in the UK at £349.99 “, with an accompanying picture of a “GOOGLE ASUS NEXUS 10 ASUS NEXUS 10” retail listing (see above).

Furthermore, when pushed for a new Google Nexus 10 release date, the Rager says October slash November.

And for what it’s worth, renowned twitter-based tipster @evleaks chimes in with a “Seems legit” retweet.

This all ties in quite nicely with the proposed mid-October launch of the Google Nexus 5, and presumably alongside it Kit Kat Android 4.4.

The other interesting thing here is that the new Google Nexus 10 will seemingly/supposedly be made by Asus, which of course makes the Google Nexus 7. Indeed, this isn't the first time we've heard Asus tipped to grab the Nexus 10 baton.

Last year’s Google Nexus 10 was made by Samsung, though it’s fair to say it didn’t exactly match the success of its wee brother, largely on account of a) price, and b) being comprised of 50% (only a slight exaggeration) bezel.

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