Google Nexus 4 Android L update on the cards?

Google Nexus 4 Android L update on the cards?Google lifted the lid on Android L at the end of June, and while the release is just about visible on the horizon (mid-October, probs), we’re still not entirely sure which existing Nexus devices will see the update.

There was a definite question mark over the near-two-year-old Google Nexus 4, but fresh evidence suggests it might be good for Android L action after all.

That’s the story over on Android Police, which has seemingly been perusing the Chromium Issue Tracker for kicks. As you do.

Comment #19 under Issue 414154: “Take a tour” slides display with corrupted scenes states: “With my N4 on Android L, I could open these images in the native Android Apps (Galary/Google+ Photos), that employs the native WebP support in Android.”

We’re not too bothered about the actual issue, to be honest. The important part here is simply: “With my N4 on Android L”. Intriguing, no?

Of course, that’s not to say the Google Nexus 4 will definitely be updated to Android L, but it certainly appears to be undergoing testing at the very least.

And heck, there are lesser phones – including the new Android One range – already earmarked for Android L, so don’t count the Google Nexus 4 out just yet.

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