Google Nexus 4 gets the smallest hardware update in history

Google Nexus 4 gets the smallest hardware update in historyThe Google Nexus 4 is already notorious for being hard to find, so the production-stunted LG-made smartphone probably doesn't need a design flaw that makes it prone to sliding off desks and out of sight.

So Google has decided to fix it, and from now on the glass-backed Nexus 4 will have little nubs on the rubber surround to make it less of a slippery customer when you put it down.

Physically it must rank as one of the most miniscule design alterations in mobile history, but it could prove a significant one.

As existing Nexus 4 owners are no doubt aware of, the all-glass back makes the Android 4.2 Jelly Bean hero device's chassis decidedly slippery on the majority of surfaces. Because of the full surface contact the glass is also apparently prone to cracking on cold coffee tables and the like.

Purchasing a rubber bumper or case is one way to sidestep the problem, but for some this realisation has come too late, and anyway a paid-for extra shouldn't be something you need to buy just to use your phone normally without risk of cracking the glass back.

According to MobiFlip, the German site that first reported the design tweak, the adjustment also benefits the rear speaker in terms of creating a bit of space in front of it for sound to amplify.

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JanSt / MOD  Apr. 2, 2013 at 10:18

Purchasing a case is a necessity with most phones...
iPhone glass or anodized aluminium? Tick.
Xperia Z glass? Tick. Htc OneS/X? Tick etc etc


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