Google Nexus 4G: more Ice Cream Sandwich than you can handle?

Google Nexus 4G: more Ice Cream Sandwich than you can handle?Neither of the two Nexus-branded handsets we've seen so far from Google has been an unqualified success, despite representing at the time of their release the very pinnacle of Android technology.

Now we're getting ready to welcome the third instalment in the series, and if the latest rumours are to be believed it should be another showcase of next-gen smartphone features and capabilities.

According to a BGR exclusive, the Nexus 4G – allegedly that's its name – will come with a spec sheet to put even the most super of superphones currently on the market to shame.

For starters there's said to be a dual-core 1.2GHz or 1.5GHz processor in the works – most likely from TI or Qualcomm rather than the expected Nvidia. That'll be backed up by 1GB of RAM and a 720p “monster-sized” display.

The camera will only be a 5-megapixel affair, with Android seemingly unable to kick off its traditional weakness in the photography stakes, though we're told that despite the limited resolution the sensor will deliver higher-quality results than we're used to seeing, and better low-light performance too.

It will be capable of recording and playing back 1080p video, while for those lucky enough to have networks that support it, 4G LTE networking will be supported too.

Of course the whole point of each Nexus handset is to usher in a significant new release of Android, and in this case it's the long-awaited Ice Cream Sandwich – or Android 4.0 – that'll be shown off.

We're not told the hardware manufacturer Google is supposed to be working with on the project, and BGR's report does make room for the possibility that the “Nexus 4G” won't in fact appear under that name after all but will instead simply be the reference device for Android Ice Cream Sandwich, in the same way as the Motorola Xoom tablet was for Android Honeycomb, for instance.

All things being equal we should know for sure sometime around November – the date being put forward for this powerful handset's big debut.

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