Google Nexus 5 gets a(nother) big close-up shot ahead of launch

Google Nexus 5 gets a(nother) big close-up shot ahead of launchThe Google Nexus 5 has been leaked so many times over the past few weeks, it’s funny to think that it’s still technically unofficial.

As if there was any doubt about how the rear of the Google Nexus 5 looks, we’re seeing it again, savagely pinned down by an unnamed device.

The latest Google Nexus 5 pic appears on – of all places – MacRumors, or perhaps I should say appeared, since the offending image has since been removed. Fortunately it’s still doing the rounds across the cyberweb.

There’s not a whole lot to garner from the pic, though it clearly matches those previous Google Nexus 5 leaks.

In particular, Google “accidentally” leaked the Nexus 5 in a promotional video for the launch of Android Kit Kat. That was quickly followed by the FCC and the FCC again.

More recently, we had a Google employee “accidentally” leaving a top-secret Nexus 5 on charge in a bar while he nipped to the loo (presumably with a huge ‘DO NOT LEAK’ sticker on the back), and not forgetting the purported Google Nexus 5 benchmarks.

As for the Google Nexus 5 launch date, we’re told it’ll be October 14, which of course means Kit Kat too.

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