Google Nexus 5, KitKat Android 4.4 launch: now October 15?

Google Nexus 5, KitKat Android 4.4 launch: now October 15?If you’re desperate to get your hands on the Google Nexus 5 and/or KitKat Android 4.4, we’ve kinda good news for you, buddy.

According to “new rumours”, the Google Nexus 5 will launch alongside KitKat Android 4.4 on October 15 – Tuesday next week, just 24 hours later than the date we’ve had penciled in our diaries since mid-September.

That’s the story according to CNET, which credits “whispers around the campfire at Google Launchpad”, a two-week event for business start-ups.

The Google Nexus 5 release date is less clear, though it’s expected that you’ll be able to order it soon – if not immediately – after launch.

As for KitKat Android 4.4, Google says: “It's our goal with Android KitKat to make an amazing Android experience available for everybody”, so we can expect a similar experience on all Android phones regardless of specs. Maybe.

Next Tuesday might also see the launch of the Google Nexus 10 2013 edition, the big story there being that it’s possibly manufactured by Asus (as opposed to Samsung).

Mid-to-late October looks set to welcome a flood of new products. In addition to the above, we’re eagerly anticipating the launch of the HTC One Max, iPad 5, iPad mini 2, and a phablet and tablet from Nokia (Lumia 1520 and Lumia 2520 respectively).

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Harryisme  Oct. 12, 2013 at 20:38

4.4? I'm stil on 4.1.2 on my S3, Samsung are fricking slow with their updates.

Allot of tech coming out between Mid October to Late November, from the new Nexus phone, and maybe tablet, to the new ipad which I was expecting earlier considering what happened last year, and then the much rumoured Nokia tablet as mentioned, and then we have the PS4 and Xbox 1, and even the AMD's R9 290X,

For those who have to have all the latest tech toys it's going to be a very expensive Holiday season.


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