Google Nexus 5 or OnePlus One?

Which is the better buy for around £300: Google Nexus 5 or OnePlus One?

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matt101101 / MOD  Apr. 30, 2014 at 00:41

Without knowing what the OnePlus One is really going to be like in boring stuff such as: battery life, software support, warranty support etc, I'd have to say the Nexus 5 at the moment, just to be safe.

However, the OnePlus One has the potential to blow the Nexus 5 out of the water, which it may well do.

I'd wait and see what the OnePlus One is really like once some actual reviews are out, then part with your money. Not to mention, the OnePlus One isn't actually available yet.

CTPAHHIK  Apr. 30, 2014 at 17:15

I would recommend getting Nexus 6 - it should probably be same price as Nexus 5 right now and probably go on sale sooner (at least in this country) than OnePlus None.


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