Google Nexus 5 pops up in red

Google Nexus 5 pops up in redYou might not think it, but it’d actually take two - almost three - hands to count the number of times we’ve mentioned Vietnam on our hallowed pages. Another interesting stat to chew on as you sip your tea.

Yes, we’re back to Vietnam again this weekend (virtually, at least), this time checking out the Google Nexus 5 in bright red.

Oddly, the red Google Nexus 5 popped up almost simultaneously with the promise of six new Google Nexus 5 colours, a promise that has some raising a solitary suspicious eyebrow.

Indeed, the red Google Nexus 5 from out of Vietnam looks absolutely nothing like the red Google Nexus 5 in the purported Google Play video. Hmm.

From Vietnam, we’re seeing a red Google Nexus 5 with a matte finish, while the Google Play video seems to suggest that the coloured Nexus 5s will look almost like the fifth generation iPod touches.

Clearly someone is “at it”, but it’s probably safe to say we’ll see further Google Nexus 5 colours in due course. Probably.

For what it’s worth, the Vietnamese article adds that gold and "red wine" LG G2 models will arrive in Vietnam in March. Those have been officially confirmed, so no dubiety there.

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Pondlife  Jan. 26, 2014 at 04:12

Won't the G3 not be too far away by March?


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