Google Nexus 6: fresh rumour concurs it’s a big sexy second-gen Moto X

Google Nexus 6: fresh rumour concurs it’s a big sexy second-gen Moto XWe heard last week that the imminent Google Nexus 6 will be built by Motorola, essentially touching down as a larger Moto X (2014) with even more impressive specs – the latest Moto X already being an intriguing package in its own right.

While that was just a rumour, it’s given credence by a further report, which says, well, pretty much the same thing. GOOD.

Last time out it was 9to5google spreading the good news; this time it’s Android Police, and we’re pleased to hear what essentially amounts to the same story.

As such, Google Nexus 6 specs will include – according to the reports – a 5.9in QHD display (2560 x 1440), 13MP rear camera, 3,200mAh battery (which, in partnership with Project Volta, could mean some serious battery life), and of course Android L.

The Google Nexus 6 will also be compatible with Motorola’s fast charging technology, supposedly offering 8 hours of use after just 15 minutes on charge.

Front stereo speakers will go down a treat, too, and again we’re told that the power button and volume rocker will slide down a touch to compensate for the larger display (compared to the 5.2in Moto X).

There’s no mention of processor or RAM here, but for what it’s worth, the previous story specified a Qualcomm Snapdragon 805 CPU and full 3GB of RAM.

Finally, it’s not clear if there’ll be two Google Nexus 6 models. Previous rumours and benchmarks had seemingly outed a 5.2in model, so either it's been binned, or we'll see a dual-pronged iPhone 6-style attack.

Full story later this month, at which point we’re also expecting to meet the HTC-built Google Nexus 9.

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