Google Nexus 6 has a hidden RGB LED for notifications

Google Nexus 6 has a hidden RGB LED for notificationsOddly, someone asked just the other day if many current phones use an LED for notifications, and there’s a surprise addition to the group.

Turns out the Google Nexus 6 has a secret RGB LED, one that can be activated if you’re happy enough to root your device.

That’s the story over on xda-developers, where member JMUT reveals the Google Nexus 6 notification LED in words and pictures.

JMUT writes: “Don't know if anybody else has noticed this but the Nexus 6 does have a notification LED inside the top speaker. Been messing around with Lightflow and I have got the light to light up under certain conditions.”

It’s not clear why Motorola and/or Google chose to leave the notification LED dormant behind the speaker, though there is arguably fancier technology at work.

See, Android Lollipop introduces a feature called Ambient Display, essentially Android’s answer to Motorola’s Active Display. As we wrote around a month ago, Ambient Display offers to “Wake the screen when [the] device [is] picked up or notifications arrive”.

If you’re desperate for that Google Nexus 6 notification LED, however, head over to xda-developers for full instructions and a typically thorough thread detailing the various challenges. It sounds, for example, like the light doesn’t quite flash properly, but we’re sure someone will get to the bottom of it – sooner or later.

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JanSt / MOD  Nov. 24, 2014 at 13:01

Wow... maybe that LED was meant to light up on Christmas Eve to then initiate a drunken rant from Google Text-2-Speech that leads to fisticuffs and, eventually divorce?
Better not mess with it. There could be a reason it's hidden?! You know: like your inner puppy or 'hidden potential'?! Nature, Evolution, God and Google don't waste...


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