Google Nexus 6 and Nexus 8 mentioned in code

Google Nexus 6 and Nexus 8 mentioned in codeThe evidence for Google’s new Nexus devices continues to mount, and again we’re seeing vague mentions in code format.

This time around we’re referring to the “Nexus 6” and “Nexus 8”, thought to be an LG-built smartphone and HTC-manufactured tablet respectively.

The spots were made over on Chromium Code Reviews, and while there’s nothing much to go on beyond the names, the existence of the pair is seemingly confirmed. Er, seemingly.

For what it’s worth, the lines of code in question are this:

  • const char kDeviceModel[] = "Nexus 8";

And this:

  • ASSERT_EQ("Nexus 6", connected->model());

The Google Nexus 6 will almost certainly be a watered-down version of the LG G3 (the Nexus 4 having evolved from the Optimus G, and the Nexus 5 being an LG G2 variant), while HTC is tipped to grab the reins for the Nexus 8, allowing Asus (the guys behind the Nexus 7 2012 and 2013) to focus on their own stuff.

Long-term, the Google Nexus 6 and Nexus 8 could well mark the end of the Nexus story. Instead of having flagships and Nexus devices and Google Play Editions, we’ll have Google Silver.

If anyone’s counting, assuming these two are legit, we’ll have had a Google Nexus 4 (LG), Nexus 5 (LG), Nexus 6 (LG), Nexus 7 (Asus x2), Nexus 8 (HTC) and Nexus 10 (Samsung).

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JanSt / MOD  May. 14, 2014 at 19:29

Who would have guessed? :p


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