Google Nexus 6 stock: replenished every Wednesday

Google Nexus 6 stock: replenished every WednesdayI’m sensing a colossal rant coming on concerning Google’s handling of the Nexus 6, and while the phone still doesn’t have a pre-order date in UK – never mind a release date, the word “farce” springs to mind when peering across the Atlantic.

In the latest twist, Google has announced that it’ll sell trickles of Nexus 6 units every Wednesday. You heard me.

The Google Nexus 6 and Nexus 9 were announced in a blog post one day ahead of the iPad Air 2 launch, and it’s quite clear that the whole thing was rushed in an attempt to take the shine off Apple’s October keynote. The ludicrous popularity of the iPhone 6 was almost certainly a factor, too.

Fair enough the Google Nexus 9 is now on sale on both sides of the Atlantic, but it’s an altogether different story with the Nexus 6.

An unspecified number of units went on sale last week in the US, almost immediately selling out, and since then it’s been a case of: “We are out of stock. Please check back soon.”

However, Big G has posted an update under the Devices section of the US branch of Google Play, explaining: “We are getting more Nexus 6 devices in stock as soon as possible. To make things simpler for you, we will work to make more devices available each Wednesday and encourage you to visit the site then.”

Clearly Google expects to sell out pretty quick – certainly within seven days – since it states “each Wednesday”. Google reminds consumers that the Nexus 6 will go on sale with AT&T, T-Mobile and Sprint “later in November”, which sounds suitably vague.

This might sound like a crazy thought, but maybe they should’ve waited for production to ramp up before putting the thing on sale.

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JanSt / MOD  Nov. 5, 2014 at 12:33

I hate Google, but I can't blame them, really. The Z2, e.g. has lost almost 50% since launch. Some
stores sit on a lot of unsold phones (not just Sony's)...
I think Apple aside no company can afford to churn out 'enough'...
But yes, I'm sure they tried to hurt Apple and cut themselves


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