Google Nexus 6 UK release date weeks behind the US?

Google Nexus 6 UK release date weeks behind the US?We’re not huge fans of this whole launching-something-but-not-specifying-the-release-date nonsense. TELL US WHEN WE CAN BUY IT, you maniacs.

Google failed to specify the Nexus 6 release date when it launched the phone last week, but it looks like pre-orders will commence on October 29, a week from tomorrow. Well, across the Atlantic, anyway.

Thanks to Unblock-Us, I’m able to hop on the US version of Google Play, where the Nexus 6 appears in Midnight Blue, at $649 for the 32GB and $699 for the 64GB.

Again, Google doesn’t care to specify the Nexus 6 release date, saying only this: “Pre-orders will be available starting on 10/29.”

On David Cameron’s side of the Atlantic, however, the Google Nexus 6 doesn’t actually appear under the Devices section of Google Play at all – not when hitting up the site directly.

Googling “Google Nexus 6 Google Play” brings up the aforementioned page from the US Google Play, but with the error message: “Nexus 6 (32GB, Midnight Blue) is not available in your country.” You what?

Reading between the lines, it seems like the Google Nexus 6’s UK release date will be at least a few weeks behind the US.

For the record, HTC's Google Nexus 9 will “leave the warehouse by November 3” on both sides of the Atlantic. The US price is $399 for 16GB or $479 for 32GB, while the same models cost £319 and £399 in the UK. Lovely.

Needless to say, the Google Nexus 6's UK price remains a mystery at this stage, but it's probably fair to say it'll be somewhere around the £500 mark.

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