Google Nexus 9 tipped to arrive alongside ‘tube-shaped’ waterproof camera

Google Nexus 9 tipped to arrive alongside ‘tube-shaped’ waterproof cameraHere we’re tentatively tying two rumour threads into one knot. I say “tentatively” because I’m not entirely convinced with the result, but we’ll give the hybrid story an airing regardless and let you make your own minds up.

I speak of HTC’s mysterious October 8 Double Exposure event, and the seemingly imminent Google Nexus 9. Put them together, throw in the notion of a “tube-shaped” waterproof camera, and, well…

Starting with Double Exposure, no one’s quite sure what to expect, with suggestions ranging from a simple software update, to a camera-related smartphone add-on, to a spanking new phone (HTC Eye, anyone?).

Meanwhile, there’s the Google Nexus 9, which we’re accepting is built by HTC and probably powered by a Tegra K1 processor – NVIDIA having confirmed as much last week.

This latest story, supposedly emanating from a factory in Brazil, says that the Google Nexus 9 will arrive at Double Exposure alongside “a new ‘tube-shaped’ waterproof camera”, with a 16MP sensor and the ability to be controlled with an accompanying smartphone app.

The problem we have here is that HTC's Nexus 9 will almost certainly debut at Google’s Android L event, whenever that might be (probably October). Why the heck would it show up first at an HTC launch that’s focused on camera stuff - including an emphatically niche product like a waterproof camera add-on?

Nah, we’ll be dousing our dinner in salt tonight, but we’re more than happy to be proved wrong; we’re quite eager to meet the Google Nexus 9 when rumoured specs include a 64-bit processor, 3GB of RAM, high-resolution display, and the latest version of Android.

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