Is Google Nexus S any good?

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JanSt / MOD  Feb. 9, 2011 at 17:01

What can I say? The specs are top notch, though it may feel a bit plasticky seeing how it's, you know, plastic.
Combine the latest Android version (2.3) with the success of Samsung's Galaxy S, add a curved oleophobic 16m colour capacative touchscreen and you have a good phone, no doubt. Would I buy it? No. For top bucks I would expect top materials in addition to great software - Samsung rarely deliver those.
Their battery covers (as on the Galaxy S) are not sturdy...etc etc...
Also, although the Nexus S flies the Google flag and runs the very latest software, Samsung have a shoddy reputation when it comes to software updates, fixes etc. And I will never ever buy anything that relies on Kies or any other Samsung software suite.
Now I go hide under my desk, and hand this over to someone who actually owns one.


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