Google Nexus Tab to be built by LG?

Google Nexus Tab to be built by LG?There's no shortage of Android phones around these days, but Google has also dabbled in the hardware side itself through the own-brand Nexus One and Nexus S.

So it shouldn't surprise us too much to hear that it's taking the same approach to tablets too. According to the latest rumours, Google is intending to release an own-branded tablet to usher in the next Android Honeycomb 3.x release, and it will be made by LG.

We've heard a number of stories recently piecing increasingly together a picture that the Android Honeycomb we're now seeing on tablets is only a placeholder. Samsung and HTC's latest tablet offerings shown of at CTIA feature a proprietary skin built on top of Honeycomb, something we know Google isn't actually allowing in the current version.

From that fact we're expecting an upgraded version Honeycomb to debut in the summer, and it now seems that like with recent versions of Android for smartphones, an own-branded Google product will be the first to receive it.

According to Eldar Murtazin, the Nexus Tab will be made by LG, which will join HTC and Samsung in having manufactured a Google device.

Murtazin also mentions that due to the nature of Honeycomb's evolution, slates currently sat on Android 2.x won't ever see an upgrade to version 3.x – yet another reason to skip the likes of the HTC Flyer and Samsung Galaxy Tab we saw unveiled at Mobile World Congress.

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