Google Play vs. App Store: Big G wins on downloads, but Apple’s king of app revenue

Google Play vs. App Store: Big G wins on downloads, but Apple’s king of app revenueWith Android being the world’s most popular mobile operating system, it comes as little surprise to hear that Google Play kicks the App Store’s butt when it comes to downloads.

However, when it comes to revenue, people with iPhones and iPads and iPod touches are still spending way more money; they remain a lucrative minority.

The latest figures are provided by App Annie, and suggest that Google Play enjoyed 60% more downloads than the App Store throughout 2014.

However, looking at things another way, the App Store brought in a whopping 70% more app revenue than Google Play. Downloads or bucks? We know which one we’d rather have.

So why the great App Store/Google Play revenue divide? Well, Apple prides itself on making exclusively high-end products, and as such your typical iDevice owner has more disposable income for luxuries like apps.

Meanwhile, Android’s global success owes much to entry-level markets where phones are sold for a fraction of the iPhone’s price, and those consumers are – understandably – throwing away much less on apps.

Unsurprisingly, App Annie adds that boys are more likely to download games, while girls are into their social networking.

Interestingly, Candy Crush Saga was the most downloaded game for the App Store and Google Play, however Clash of Clans and Puzzle & Dragons took in more money. All three of those games are “free”, incidentally.

The US, Japan and South Korea are credited with driving global app sales, while was the most successful app in the UK.

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