Google Play set for Material Design overhaul in Android L

Google Play set for Material Design overhaul in Android LOne of the headline features of Android L is something called “Material Design”, with the vibrancy and the layering and the floating and the real-time shadows and whatnot.

It’s described as the “new Google-wide standard”, so it comes as little surprise to hear that Google Play – Android’s answer to the App Store – is set for a significant makeover to bring it in line.

Android Police has intercepted a whole bunch of Google Play screenshots, and compiled before and after shots across a variety of content.

At a glance, the new Google Play is clearly more colourful and immersive, with less of that depressing old grey stinking up the place. “Hey, guys? Grey is really exciting, right?”

Indeed, it looks like the grey is decidedly less grey at points, but that’s not to say it’s been banished altogether.

In Google Play app listings, as ably demonstrated by Leo's Fortune above, you can expect a nice cover image at the top, with a link to the corresponding trailer where appropriate. Previously we had a simple app icon and lots of – you guessed it – grey.

Books and Magazines don’t look a whole lot different, the logic there being that their icons – or “hero” images – don’t look so good when stretched to make a cover image.

You know what? It probably makes more sense to just look at the Google Play screenshots rather than listen to me ramble on about them. Go here, should ye care.

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JanSt / MOD  Jul. 15, 2014 at 11:26

"more colourful and immersive" - meaning more overwhelming and confusing - until the customer is distracted into submission?!

Hey, as long as Google don't let me rate apps without a G+ account, I AM NOT using their
services. So, bite me.


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