Google Play welcomes PayPal payments

Google Play welcomes PayPal paymentsGoogle reveals that sales of apps and games have risen by more than 300% over the last year, but not content with the current state of play (pun intended), it wants more, more, more.

The headline feature here – among a series of money-grabbing initiatives – is the addition of Google Play PayPal (try saying that three times fast) support.

The announcement was made over on the Android Developers Blog, with the headline: “Helping You Go Global with More Seamless Google Play Payments”.

Again, PayPal is the big news here, with initial support in 12 Google Play countries – including our very own United Kingdom. “Booyah!” is what David Cameron would probably say.

Carrier billing is another intriguing method of Google Play payment, and essentially allows you to buy apps and games and have the cost added to your monthly phone bill. At present it’s only available on T-Mobile in the UK. Seems like a recipe for Candy Crush-related financial disaster, but what do I know?

“Sales of apps and games on Google Play are up by more than 300 percent over the past year,” writes Ibrahim Elbouchikhi, Product Manager for Google Play. “We’re hoping to fuel this momentum by making Google Play payments easier and more convenient for people around the world.”

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